ELISSA: http://elissaproject.eu/

ELISSA targets the development, testing, assessment and demonstration of nano-enhanced lightweight steel skeleton/dry wall systems with improved thermal, vibration/seismic and fire performance, due to the inherent damping and fire spread prevention properties of carefully preselectedinorganic nanomaterials (aerogels, VIPs, MMTs, CNT) and MEMS. |


SESBE: http://www.sesbe.eu

The SESBE consortium, consisting of three SMEs, four industrial and five research partners, addresses this and will provide new solutions for lightweight, energy efficient and safe façade elements. Nanomaterials and nanotechnology will be used as a tool to custom design functional and performance properties of façade sandwich elements for new constructions and half elements for refurbishment of existing buildings as well as a new type of sealing tape and intumescent coating for fire protection.




ADAPTIWAL: http://www.adaptiwall.eu/

The ADAPTIWALL research project focuses on developing adaptive (nano)materials; applying the materials in a lightweightpanel; enhancing the panel’s structural, fire safety and sound insulation properties; and demonstrating the novel prefabricating systems to European construction industry.



FOAMBUILD: http://www.foambuild.eu/

he FoAM-BUILD project will develop thermoplastic particle foam using newly developed raw materials, additives and process set-ups.  A nano-scaled structure will be used for the particle foam cell morphology to achieve the targeted insulation behaviour; new polymer blends and nano-scaled nucleating agents in combination with a new high pressure drop rate expansion process will be developed to realise the nano-cellular foam.